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    One of the wonders of the world, the Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to be earliest Pagoda of Gautama Buddha Era. It has been built on the Singottara Hill more than 2500 years ago. The Pagodas was renovated many times over the centuries by various Myanmar Kings.

    Sightseeing in Bagan

    The shwezigone Pagoda is the prototype for later Myanmar pagodas. There are green glazed plaques depicting scenes from the Jataka. The pagoda festival is held from late October to early November.


    A brief introduction of Mandalay ( Yadanabon ), the Myanmar Monarchs’ Last Capital and a city of regal identity, famous pagodas, religious edifices, and the enchanting city of ancient Bagan where visitors will find not only Myanmar art and culture but also the scenic beauty of Upper Myanmar and Shan State.

    Inle Lake

    Inle Lake, the jewel of Shan State, is Located about 30 km to the south of Taunggyi. This vast, beautiful and picturesquare Lake, sheltered among the hazy blue mountains of 1524 meters, stretches 22.4 km long and 10.2 km wide.

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